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The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review: Online banking taking hold in US and UK, but security still a concern

Consumers in the U.S. and the UK are increasingly adopting mobile and online banking, according to a 2014 survey by Cognitive Biometrics Firm BioCatch.

In both countries, the survey reveals that more users are performing banking transactions over the web and through a mobile device, at 36 per cent and 29 per cent respectively, which shows an over take from traditional ...



The Corliss Group: White House Cybersecurity Event to Draw Top Tech

Government to Call on Companies to Help Improve Information Sharing as Breaches Get More Sophisticated

President Barack Obama will convene top executives from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and a number of other industries on Friday in a first-of-its kind cybersecurity “summit” taking place as the government and corporate executives each struggle to adjust to persistent...


Corliss Tech Review Group: ARM smartphone chip boasts 3x computing power

With the trend today of making every new smartphone thinner than the last one, most would have to make a compromise between aesthetics and productivity. Usually, a nice and thin smartphone means shorter battery life and limited processing capability.

Fortunately for us, manufacturers are now moving towards extended battery life and excellent processing power even in thin ...